Words are energy both spoken and written

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To say math is the language of the universe is true but the language of reality is constructed with words. Math is a language in a way but can only be taught through the use of words. Metaphorical symbolism of reality as a construct of the mind. Words form all the thoughts we have. It’s true that consciousness is constructed from metaphors and also analogies.

Understanding this is strange that emotions are constructed of words. That all we have ever known is a story. The inner and outer dialogs with a universe we create through the words we repeat. What we say is always true. It is the only truth there is and beyond this, we have waveforms that we hear and become waveforms in our minds.

Words are energy both spoken and written. The complications of this responsibility are to be careful of the story we create because it is a language of reality. Until it is spoken it doesn’t exist.

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