What are the moral and psychological impacts of God and human will?

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At a core, all of the things ever questioned and not questioned are both from people on the opposite spectrums of these and then maybe the rare undecided people afraid of either choice and its implications. Does God exist? Does God not exist? 

There are some scientific explanations for just about a lot of stuff? Also, some theological and philosophical explanations of other stuff. Although they are all attempting to explain the same stuff. That’s downright strange. Cybernetically its caused a lot of arguments on computers so much that people won’t even delve into hearing the other perspectives. I love the word cybernetics because it absolutely terrifies me and inherently it’s what I have been doing for twenty years. 

What does fear do for us? Well, a lot I am afraid of robots and people that are part robotic not for needs that help them physically. Just the idea of neural implants and biological hacks is very scary for sure. Main reason anything can be hacked and especially the mind of a person. Such as knowing that lots of good people have bad intentions is just a reality in life. I wouldn’t call them bad as to yet because this is about free will. 

What is cybernetics its just using tools both analog and digital and many think there isn’t a separation between people and tools on a biological level anyway so adding neural implants just seems to make the phones easy to use and even maybe talk without them at all. Why stop there just telepathic neural network of things. Like I think toast and then look up how to make it and turn the toaster on while watching programming or doing programming.

So I guess does free will exist in the purely scientific model it doesn’t because well that would say at some point science stops but if every single signal in your brain is precomputed through chemistry and consciousness is an illusion then well how can it be real anyway. Steps in the guy with the VR headset from 3020 and goes man we really are having fun. But does science and crazy equations show us that we do not have free will?

If so what does this mean for you? That everything is computable and that in this world everything is predictable. So all human thinking is programmed? In a way, it definitely is just turn on the programming machines like that and bang we tapped into someone’s mind. Steered their subconscious mind and they go bingo I just had a great idea!

Thanks, Edward Bernays that’s a lot man to handle that I really don’t like anything I like at all. I need a new toaster for sure, its 3020 do we even eat food anymore?

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