The Great Now of It…

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What is the great now of it? Well, it’s now and you are it! It’s like a game of tag that lasts forever! Back when you where the kid of the now of it you’d be going crazy! Tag forever no way!

All kidding aside, yes now for the pun of it. Now is all there is. All the ever is and all that ever was is or gonna be is. It’s it. Touch the past and I will give you a million dollars! Two million doubling the bet you can’t touch the future. So its the Great Now of It… and not even memory is something you can just see and point too!

Man, that is the issue with the past and the future its all entangled and will drive you insane if you don’t realize the Great Now of It.. You are the only one experiencing you! Are you experienced? Your enough you have always been enough and just don’t worry now.

The trick is knowing that allowing the mind to wonder is sometimes like a very dangerous game to play? Especially into the past which is the great suffering and the future the horrid dread.

Even the most positive people probably experience this thing the Great No don’t do it. Stay in the moment and don’t go of it. Stay almost mindless as you can. It’s much easier and not even a day at a time is needed. Just a moment and don’t let go of it. Just ripple and say, man, this is the Now of It… for sure it’s right now.

Then thinking of nothing no dreams and no nightmares. See anxiety is a form of dreaming and projecting into the future what happened in the past. Guess what there isn’t a past or a future beyond your consciousness, so don’t future trip it’s not real and if it is your creating part of it. 

We are just experiencing a thing called time, and its an illusion of our species. People are time there isn’t a separation between it. You’re a time machine for sure. Cognition needs time and time needs a brain to attach to exist. You’re a cog for sure if you just worry all the time about time. 

If you’re not happy now you’ll never be happy. That’s the Now of It… you are just what you are right now. Let go and let something else run the show. Tag your it.

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