Radical Nihilistic Rational Materialism

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Dear Materialist,

I have found a way to better escape the world that is not formed by rational deduction to the point where all we are is material beings. You have reduced the world to that of computational logic. Yet we still think we know or will know everything? It’s like a lens looking through the same lens inside a room that is completely void of light.

Given an input and output, we create feedback loops that creative thinking and thus the mind is software running on hardware. Yet can you point to it? Can you say well because this neuron started interacting with another neuron this thought will have been created? When its the sum of the whole and not the moving parts?

You can not do this and with the lofty goal of doing so, we are losing war on what it is to have a soul. Do we often imagine a world know as a computer simulation I guess written by a higher intelligence yet we still won’t call it a higher power? Just a computer like a thing making artificial experiences for soulless beings driven to nihilistic beliefs that life is not valuable.

A soul beyond our own a soul that created consciousness. We can reduce this to the point that even matter is an illusion. Yet all science is built on some matter over time being measured. Whether is one a quantum scale or a Newtonian model. I do believe in the pursuits just what to yield as saying we are only material brainless beings and not a soul in a quantum reality. Where all matter is simply energy that this energy doesn’t come from our universe a higher universe maybe but not from here.

That enhancing with use of cybernetically driven principles is the next advancement in humanity? That we are just so advanced that a transhumanist world is what is the next step? For materialists that is obviously the desired outcome. Even those that are gunning for this to become a reality do not seem to see the greater threat on the war over consciousness. Its cool tech is always cool I guess till it’s not cool like we lost the war on privacy.

So what is the next step in cybernetics to use technology to create a mind one mind that governs all through the use of mechanical modeling of human beings?

What is the war we lost well its cool to make technology? It’s not cool when technology makes people like machines. Point being disinformation and the reprogramming of goals to serve a greater good? When that good serves a greater evil? What is the evil that which destroys the soul of a human being?

Weapons of the new world order are already being used all the time. Yet to serve the ones that serve only themselves is evil and truly the definition of materialism at it’s worst.

Science can be ethical and technologists can also be ethical? Yet what is happening is old and the use of fear to govern the war on free speech using social media and other tools is not only true destruction of the rights to freedom of what we have. The right to free choice and the right to a free mind that is conscious of the outcomes of being without a soul.

A little matter of importance. Technology serves us until we serve it and I for one care about my soul more than a bit of power over others.


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