Social Network and Outreach for People with PTSD

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Social Network and Outreach for People with PTSD

Skip Rizzo donated $20
This is important work. Breaking down barriers to care is as important has having evidence-based treatments. If only one person finds the treatment that they could benefit from such a registry, that is a success! Making this information easily available is an important resource for those suffering with PTS!

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The goal is to aid people in finding local and national resources for them to gain access to resources to help them recover. The funds raised will help form the non-profit and develop the website application.
I have already successfully created one for the addiction epidemic and can be seen in action at

Being diagnosed with PTSD, I want to give back to others to help them recover from the battle they face. We have created a simple way to let people register their outreaches and also help direct them to appropriate people and organizations.

I can provide references and I am also an Alumni of Mighty Oaks Warrior Program. They have inspired me and helped me overcome many of my struggles. I want people to know they aren’t alone and have a single source of resources available to them to recover.

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