Cubic Brainwaves

EEG Sensor, C++, and openFrameworks

Music and data visualization project for installation. The color, music, and animation are controlled while wearing a Nuerosky MindWave EEG headset. Each wavelength is represented in the cube and all the waves lengths are converted to midi data for the creation of the music.

Dark Ambient Electronic Live

EEG Sensor, C++, Analog and Digital Effects, Ableton Live and openFrameworks

A performance with an electronic musician using the Notational Synthesis software I created for an EEG headset to convert brainwaves into musical compositions. We are sharing the midi data between both of us while working out how something like this could be used in a performance or recording session.

Sonic Reality System

FFT, C++, EEG Sensor, Ableton Live and openFrameworks

A generative music and video composition. The software is rendering a movie based on the audio in the video file. The audio from the video file is created by the musician wearing the EGG headset and converting brainwaves into musical data sent to Abelton.

Fear Based Economics

C++, Mouse Tracking Software,and openFramesworks

Programatic control of video based on mouse gestures.

Drawing with Particles

C++ and openFrameworks

Painting with a canvas that is in motion based on particles physics.


C++, openFrameworks and FFT

Generative video installation based on audio synthesis

Loving Screws

C++ and openFrameworks

Video scratching using mouse positions to control playback of the installation.

Red Brains vs. Green Brains

Circuit board and Basic Programming

Color sensing robot that speaks and generates audio based on the colors in the illustrations I created for this installation.

Debt Genesis

Circuit Board, Reverse Engineering, and Basic Programming

Wooden game console that uses magnetic card readers as video game controllers


C++ and openFrameworks

Tracking a mouse with to animate a creature with openFrameworks

Brainwave Soundscape

C++, MindWave EEG, and openFrameworks

Software to create ambient backgrounds for live performances using an EEG Sensor. The mental activity is translated to audio and visuals.

Associate Assistant of Departmental Operations

Associate Assistant of Departmental Operations is a physical voodoo doll game instalation.

My undergraduate thesis work that was shown internationally and highly reviewed in the arts community.

Notational Synthesis

Notational Synthesis is a brain computer interface (BCI) for turning a persons mental state into music and visualizations

The data from the mind can be used to perform and create musical data for audio software or hardware. What do brainwaves sound like and can they be used to create music? This was the reasoning behind notational synthesis. There is another component that is a generative visual system to turn the sound generated from Notational Synthesis into images, colors, position and time.