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To say I am not afraid is a lie.. I am totally afraid of the next week coming up. I have been applying to work and have run out of time. I have been homeless since unitedrehabs.com was not able to be sustaianble.

How has this happened I wish I knew how? I applied to so many companies and wasn’t able to secure a position in time, I have to explain the past four months.

I left San Diego and didn’t know where to go. I was working as a entry level plumber and couldn’t afford a place to rent there. So was camping and sleeping in my vehicle.

After, doing this for close to two months I lost hope. I decided to try to make it home. I wasn’t able to I sold almost everything to afford gas and only made it to Colorado. I had to leave my vehicle my tools, clothes, computer, and other things. In so doing so I sealed my fate in one bad desicion.

My van and all I own is on sale in Meeker, Co. The church hasn’t sold it yet. I said this sealed my fate because I lost what I had to make an income and my shelter.

I don’t want for you to think I haven’t been trying I have done over 100 interviews and applying to jobs as anything I can get.

I am looking for any work if you need something please connect with me. It’s so important and without your help I don’t know what I am going to do.

The salvation army is full and I am trying to find a place now. My father had a stroke the other day and I have no family to stay with. If you can send my resume and let them know I need anything.

Willing to take anything with all my experience in technology I don’t know how this has possiblely occurred.

Donnie Bugden


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