Happiness Machines by Dude is walk

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Generated from brainwave data and converted to analog tape recording. A wild trip of sonic possibility. I leave these tapes at random places or give them to friends.

The concept of happiness machines is based on consumer level programming from media conglomerates. So much of my work is based on cybernetic programming of people and thus society.

Happiness machines is about the creation of dystopian virtual worlds and their impacts on the real world we live in. In seeking a technological utopia we are maybe making people obsolete in the long run.

There is a chance for us to stop the progress and program ethically without the false dreams so many technologists believe in. The mind is not matter and the world is made of things we can not see.

Using EEG headsets as an input to the nonlinear world of energy as thought we may be creating something we will regret someday. I true dystopian world like minority report shown us might happen.

WE are not machines.

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