A Quantum Reality

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All when we speak of science is the measurement of information across time. Can we do anything that is science without time or measurement? We look for proof in the accuracy of ability to measure things yet as even the tools improved the results become more solidified. But the question on my mind tonight is not what we are measuring but who is the one creating the calculation of the measurement to find a proof of the hypothesis we aim to stake claim to.

The odd thing is that so much goes beyond the variables we can bring into a system of experiment and even statistics seem to not be able to make assumptions truly true. Often the measurement starts out with an objective to prove the measures hypothesis. Yet often the millions of variables aren’t even considered. But that is not really what’s on my mind.

What is is the relation of consciousness to the creation of reality. All people construct a reality of their own. When I think about it the greater philosophical thesis of time are more and more becoming the reality that science is often unable to measure. 

Similarly the way we perceive our lives is often through filter of historical memories we have about the past. When we realize that time is not actually going to help with this. Time is not the best measurement of reality. Time and space are even not nearly able to answer the question is what we experience truly real.

To assume the other inputs from our senses prove to us that what is real is just what is measured through time. It still doesn’t seem to be enough to answer the greater questions.

The thing is back to what are we doing if time is not the best representation for our calculations of the universe. That time is just a sense, like vision or hearing. We no we all see and hear differently and so we all experience time differently.

The idea of reality is confined to this ability of questions and testing methods. It’s like how does the eye see the eye? If it’s ones own eye that is impossible. So will there be a limit and what if anything imposed those limits in science. We think of this one reality as the only one. Which is not true even in this one take a look around there are as many realities as there are people on the planet. 

What is happening is exciting and we are living in the greatest time for us. That the very nature of reality is once again being questioned. And that even as we claim more understanding we are staring into a new system of evolution of humankind. We will eventually find the solutions. Yet applying the outcomes will contain greater risks. 

We call them laws of science but that is not what they are they are the laws of consciousness. Not fully are they real to anyone other then the observers.

The person doing the measurements. 

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