Words that best describe Graphic Union is that they are enthusiastic creative and generous. Graphic Union takes a huge interest in their clients work. Really truly trying to understand what you’re all about. When I work with Graphic Union I get even more excited about what I do. Great collaborators. Awesome creative results. Super company.
Graphic Union did a great job for us and was always competent, easy to work with, and creative. Combio was a ‘dotcom’ startup with a rapidly changing environment and demands. Graphic Union did well in that environment and pulled off several key projects for us.
Graphic Union takes pride in the projects they works on, and as a company with a great deal of interactive design and game design training, they offer insightful contributions into the projects they are part of. Graphic Union has an eye for quality in product that I respect in a team, which I consider essential to being a agency. 
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