From Goodbye by Dude Is Walk how i wonder where my life was when i was dirt in the ground where my mind was when i wasn’t around i wonder where it will go will anyone be there be there i want to know will … Continue readingFrom GOODBYE


Completely generated from my brainwaves and machine learning to create an idea for music for a film I want to see someday soon.¬† Pretty neat to hear an machine learning algorithm as it sounds in music. Alphaville: une √©trange aventure de Lemmy Caution (Alphaville: A … Continue readingAlphaville – GENERATIVE FLIM SCORE USING BRAINWAVES AND MACHINE LEARNING


Did some DJ’ing the other night. Akai Professional MPD32, Stanton T.55, Ableton Live, Ableton Launchpad, Hiphop

Toms Urban

Toms Urban WordPress, PHP, MySQL, CSS, HTML and JavaScript Custom WordPress Theme and Design Visit Website

Ryan Looper

WordPress, PHP, MySQL, CSS, HTML and JavaScript WordPress theme, web design and development.Visit Website

Cubic Brainwaves

Cubic Brainwaves EEG Sensor, C++, and openFrameworks Music and data visualization project for installation. The color, music, and animation are controlled while wearing a Nuerosky MindWave EEG headset. Each wavelength is represented in the cube and all the waves lengths are converted to midi data … Continue readingCubic Brainwaves

Sonic Reality System

Sonic Reality System FFT, C++, EEG Sensor, Ableton Live and openFrameworks A generative music and video composition. The software is rendering a movie based on the audio in the video file. The audio from the video file is created by the musician wearing the EGG … Continue readingSonic Reality System

F–k The Recession

F–k The Recession Twitter API, PHP, MySQL, CSS, HTMl and JavaScript A gallery of uploaded poster art for an art competition. The uploads of poster art from people where automatically shared on Twitter for the event.

Venture Arctic

Venture Arctic PHP, MySQL, CSS, HTMl and JavaScript Branding, web design and development for a game and also did all the web related things for the company.

Ocean Ridge

Ocean Ridge WordPress, PHP, MySQL, CSS, HTML and JavaScript Branding and website for a treament center in Orange County. Visit Website

Guidance House

Guidance House Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator, Bootstrap, CSS, HTML, and JavaScript Branding, web design and web development. Visit Website

Fear Based Economics

Fear Based Economics C++, Mouse Tracking Software,and openFramesworks Programatic control of video based on mouse gestures.

Six Foot Fish

Six Foot Fish iOS 7+, iPhone SDK, Objective-C, C++, Parse Framework, Map Kit Framework, iAd Framework, Push Notifications GPS based social mobile fishing app where people can share photos of where they caught and information about each catch. Also, view on a map all the … Continue readingSix Foot Fish


Quarantine C++, openFrameworks and FFT Generative video installation based on audio synthesis

Loving Screws

Loving Screws C++ and openFrameworks Video scratching using mouse positions to control playback of the installation.

Red Brains vs. Green Brains

Red Brains vs. Green Brains Circuit board and Basic Programming Color sensing robot that speaks and generates audio based on the colors in the illustrations I created for this installation.